Thursday, 16 October 2008

Storming Prague

That's the bar, not some kind of Eastern Front military manoeuvre on the Czech Republic. Obviously.

Yes, Tuesday's knit night was a resounding success with 7 knitters in attendance, 3 of them newbies to the group and 1 of them learning to knit for the first time. The lovely Andine (whose beautiful name I'm no doubt doing what Brits do best with French and mangling beyond recognition) managed the neatest first knit I've ever seen; Kathryn is obviously an excellent teacher. We also had out first random visitor - Annie popped in as she has just started knitting and spotted us in Prague the other week (and turned out to know one of us from the Guides in Durham many years ago - how's that for random?). We officially conquered the big sofa by the window, and will no doubt be taking over the rest a table at a time...;)

I was especially glad as I'd had a bit of a strange Tuesday - I'd spent most of the day reading about war, genocide, refugee camps, torture, gender inequality that proves the Middle Ages are alive and rocking - essentially all the worst things humanity is capable of. I should perhaps point out that this was for work, and that the text in question also had many tales of hope, love and generosity amidst the carnage. Needless to say though, it left me desperate for a stiff drink and some good company. So my thanks once again to the charming Hoxton Knitting Group for a fun evening.

In other news I am powering through the Central Park Hoodie (in lieu of the chocolate brownie and at least one of the gold stars) inbetween Christmas presents. I'm aiming to finish it in time for Bonfire Night when it will be crisp and chill for the fireworks. That's the plan anyway.

You'll notice at the top of the page I'm giving Twitter a go. No, I'm not really sure either. I doubt any of you are that interested in my every knitting move, but I guess we're going to find out. On the plus side it has pointed me in the direction of a couple of good knitterly blogs and I've tried to give Hoxton a bit of a Spring clean, lest you all get bored and realise you have better things to be getting on with. So please do explore the links, you might find a treat.

One thing I did spot on Twitter though, was a Tweet from some bloke who was clearly mortified to see a man on the Tube knitting. He was so traumatised by the experience, and obviously felt no one would believe his incredible tale, that he took a covert photo with his phone as proof. And then Twittered about it in utter indignation .(NB See how I've embraced the lingo? Dangerously addictive even though you start sounding like a two year old with a curious speech impediment). These days I can understand people being wary on the Underground, I just never suspected knitting would be high on anyone's list of suspect activities. The 140 characters Twitter permits aren't really enough to clarify whether it was the knitting itself that offended him or the fact that it was a bloke doing the knitting. Naturally I'm all in favour of hunting this Twit (ahem) down and skewering him with a cable needle - who's with me? Alright, alright, I know, 'violence solves nothing', 'give peace a chance' yada yada yada.

Ok. We'll go with peaceful protest. Direct action. Passive aggression. Remember to always take your knitting with you on the Tube and let's see if we can really freak him out....


Woolly Stuff said...

I don't take the tube very often - preferring to walk and take the bus when I can - but when I do, I always have some knitting!

I'm nervous about Twitter. I already spend too much time in front of the computer. So it's not for lack of interest in what you're doing that I'm not engaging with it... btw, got my hair cut at fish yesterday and was really pleased!

Hoxton said...

So glad you liked Fish - and don't worry about Twitter I know exactly what you mean! We'll see how long I last with it...painfully clear my life really is not that exciting...!