Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Sock It To Them

So usually, as you may know, this blog enjoys a natter about fairly whimsical stuff. And although I'm not about to start earnest political debate (or, let's face it, anything too intellectually demanding in general) it seems that even here we can't escape the impending US elections. But before you panic that I'm setting up my soap box, allow me to explain.

It started with the Yarn Harlot (doesn't it always?) who is, of course, the grande dame of the knitting world these days. She has a rather charming habit of carrying a partly-knitted sock around with her (as it's a small, portable knitting project) and photographing it as occasion demands, either in front of a suitable monument/scene/place of interest, or in the hands of charming people she runs into. If you don't knit, I do realise this sounds like certifiable behaviour. Read her blog and you'll get the idea, which is that most people don't realise how many knitters (and their socks) are out there and that we're generally quite nice (if slightly batty) folk and that knitting is a joy to be shared in public. The Yarn Harlot's blog is always fun, but her latest post had me howling with glee, as it brought Tracey to my attention and a moment of genius that I had completely missed.

At the end of last year, Tracey took the sock picture idea to a whole new level.

Yes, that's right. She got Barack Obama to hold her sock while she took a photo.

Just think about that for a moment. (I know, I know, certifiable, but genius nonetheless).

This has prompted the Harlot to set a challenge Read her blog post as it's more fun that way, but the basic question is, can anyone else get a public figure (serious heavyweights only) to hold a sock while the knitter of said sock takes their photo? We're talking heads of state here, so it's not an easy one. But for each picture she'll make a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres (and since she's already helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for them - with knitters mostly - that's no small offer).

Personally, I'm ineligible as I don't knit socks (one has to draw a line somewhere). Although if I managed to persuade Her Majesty to say cheese whilst holding a partially knitted fingerless glove, I doubt anyone would quibble. Bit of a longshot though, let's face it.

As for heads of state, well I'm not overly keen on the prospect of stalking Gordon Brown to assault him with woollens. Or taking a photo of him for that matter.

Still, I shall keep my eyes open for possible famous faces who might be willing to play along for a good cause. After all you could end up with a fabulous shot like this one.

Scroll down to see the most fantastically bemused expression ever. Can't believe I used to wonder why some people think knitting's a little strange...


Woolly Stuff said...

I think that photo of Obama holding a half-knit sock is so super. I was worried he might not have a sense of humour, but now I feel absolutely reassured! (And in case you're wondering why I think a sense of humour in a leader is important, it's because humour is what allows people to not be brittle)

Hoxton said...

Exactly. Never trust anyone who can't take a joke and have a laugh now and again. Or hold a sock.