Sunday, 12 October 2008

Me & My Girl

Raise a glass and say a prayer for Eyebrow Productions and the Showtime Team, who are going to stage a West End musical in 48 hours. Better make it a stiff G&T.

On Sunday 26th October The London Palladium will, for one night only, play host to a charity performance of Me & My Girl, in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust.

The rules are simple: the cast of over 100 and the crew convene on the Friday night for their first rehearsal. Blocking, choreography, set construction and lighting design continue on Saturday and on Sunday they finally get into the theatre itself to rehearse until the audience arrives at 7pm. It all happens in 48 hours. The principal cast are allowed to learn their lines and the music but they cannot practice together or with the director, until the weekend of the show.

Today they were out in Covent Garden to publicise the event and show off their skills, singing a musical medley of show tunes:

They sounded fantastic and attracted quite a crowd, who were loving it:

If this isn't a Handmade enterprise, then I don't know what is. Which is why I'll be mucking in and assisting the company manager. (No, I'm not entirely sure what that will involve either. I suspect a fair amount of crowd control and a hunting down of cast members who've wandered off for a quick fag break. I've been promised a cattle prod and a clipboard so I'm sure it will be fine. A bigger conern is the fact that, like most big theatres, the backstage of the Palladium is a labyrinth the Minotaur would feel at home in. Fingers crossed I'm not the one who goes AWOL...).

It's going to be a fabulous show for a very worthy cause, so grab some friends and join the fun.

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