Monday, 21 July 2008

Pod for a Pea

To herald the arrival of a much-anticipated new niece for a good friend, I decided a little knitting was called for.

I only had a couple of days to whip something up and my codeine packed brain couldn't cope with anything too complex, so all hail the Debblie Bliss Baby Shrug pattern.
I stood for what seemed like hours in the middle of John Lewis, faffing about with colour options. With little girls, you just know they'll be a million pink gifts - and I know that this is not a pink kinda family in any case - so that was out. Purple seemed essentially pink in disguise; the red was too garish; the blue too masculine - arrghh, the agony of choice!

So, thank goodness for:

A happy little green pod fit for a very precious pea (well, when the weather gets cooler and she grows into it...)

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