Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Knitting Recovery

So, I’m off to hospital on Friday to have my wisdom teeth out. What fun. The only upside being that I get some sick leave from work, plus a couple of days holiday and will therefore have some free time to indulge in a spot of knitting.

Or so I thought.

Looking for suggestions for some simple, mindless patterns to follow from the comfort of my sofa, I sought advice from the friendly folk on Ravelry, thanks to whom I’ve now been fully informed on the terrors of ‘dry socket’, the pain, the agony, the tripping out on painkillers and the certainty that I’ll be incapable of anything beyond dribbling for several days. Thanks guys;)

Still, I’m remaining optimistic and reckon that even if I’m completely wiped out for a few days, I should be able to manage a little knitting action after that. So what to knit?

I’ve ordered some yummy Inca Mist Alpaca and some heavy duty Troon Tweed from Texere, but that may have been a bit ambitious – sweaters being complicated when you’re addled on codeine.

But I’m wondering about a very simple top-down raglan. Of course there are the increases to consider, before you hit the mindless round-and-around of the body, but I think I could probably do a fair amount of the maths before I’m knocked unconscious by the wonderboys of the NHS.

Or I could go with the Ravelry suggestion of the Moderne Log Cabin blanket, which is a good idea and nice and simple. But I don’t have a good selection of colours in my stash and once I’m feeling better it’s still going to take me months to finish something that big.

Finding the right project for the right occasion/mood/place is something of an intuitive art and one I often get wrong by over-complicating things, so will definitely try to keep it simple, whatever I choose in the end.

Guess I’ll have to see how I feel and play it by ear (or mouth)…

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