Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Knit Night

I have found them.

Yes, at last, I have discovered Other Knitters.

Obviously I’ve always known they were out there, in vast numbers, but I’d only ever spotted them online, never in their natural habitat, as it were. So imagine my delight at discovering some locals on Ravelry who were keen to set up a Hoxton knitting night.

Yesterday evening found me wending my way down the road to Prague, a ‘bohemian bar’ on the Kingsland Road (that for some reason, despite spending many alcoholic hours in this part of town over the last ten years, I had never been into before. Apparently they do excellent coffee. Who knew). It was still quite early and therefore quiet, so it wasn’t hard to spot the three women sat round a table knitting merrily away.

Joining them for a couple of hours was a lovely way to spend the evening and Prague proved to be a pretty good venue choice (also they were playing albums by Arcade Fire and The Shins all night, which I took as a good sign). It got a little noisy as the bar filled up, but the staff were nice and we had nothing worse than a slightly bemused grin as people walked past. By eight o’clock they were setting out tealights, until the waitress saw the mountain of Kidsilk Haze lacework piled on one table and said “Actually, you probably don’t want a candle here do you?!” Thoughtful. And very health & safety conscious, given my knack for knocking things over.

I have discussed the controversial pros and cons of sock knitting; learned that excellent yarn shops can be found in Japan; been recommended a good yoga class nearby and discovered that a fellow Hoxtonite will also be knitting at the Innocent Fete on Sunday, in the course of a relaxed and humorous conversation with some lovely people. Plus I am now well into the second half of my bamboo tape vest. This knitting group lark is genius.

So Tuesday night is now knitting night round Hoxton way. Come join us sometime.


Woolly Stuff said...

I totally agree! I knew the knitters were out there too, and I'm glad we're making a home at the prague :)

Anny said...

What time do you usually meet up? I'll try and swing by this evening! I'm very much a beginners beginner but looking forward to learning more and making some excellent Christmas presents!