Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Without wishing to sound like a technological neanderthal, I should make a confession - I do not have internet access at home. Not so much technophobia as not having a landline, so I was thrilled to discover the existence of dongles (but who the hell comes up with these names?!)

In my mind, a dongle is a furry, winged, flightless creature - a sort of cross between a dodo and a platypus - but the reality is, disappointingly, rather less cuddly. Essentially a dongle is a combination of a modem and a mobile phone that plugs into your computer's USB port and gives you instant access to the net. Genius.

So now, rather than trying to cram a quick blog update into my lunch hour, I can blog from home to my heart's content. Which could result in either some more detailed, interesting, photo-packed blogging, or late night ponderous rambles.... I'll try and stick to the former.

On which note, I've just been enjoying a little drama this evening, courtesy of the Bush Theatre and their production of 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. Inspired by stories of break ups both heartbreaking and hysterical from members of the public, it has something of the handmade ethos about it. If you were at Latitude Festival this weekend you may have caught it there, if not I urge you to try and grab a ticket. Seriously funny stuff. Worth it alone for the rap song about a farmer with an inappropriate affection for his cow Daisy.

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Rick Williams said...

Lovin' the blog - and the new look! Keep it up!