Friday, 29 August 2008

The WIP Factory

It may be a short attention span or over-eagerness or simply eyes-bigger-than-my stomach but I have WIPs all over the place at the moment - that's Works In Progress to you non-knitters.

So, what's actually going on back here? The fabulous Endpaper Mitts are still languishing having been abandoned many months ago. Love the colours though and will definitely finish these in time for the colder weather.

This is my very first attempt at colourwork, so I was a little scared, but it's a great pattern and not as complicated as I thought.

Next up we have the tweedy yumminess of Martha, a Rowan Studio pattern. Again a new challenge as I haven't tried such fiddly cables in such a small gauge before. Slow going but ok as long as I manage to keep track of which row I'm on. I've done the back, the left front and about half the right front, so I'm well on the way.

I love the yarn - Rowan Felted Tweed - which is so soft and textured. Given how expensive it is though it's not something I'll be knitting with again any time soon. And I suspect that this one may have to wait until the New Year to be completed.

Then, I've nearly finished the bamboo tape vest from Rowan Studio 10. The drape of this is lovely but it's a heavy yarn and in such a long top I'm not sure how well it's going to hang or if it's going to stretch.
Loving the simple pattern though and since I live in long, tunic style tops over jeans I'm expecting to get a lot of wear out of this one. Once I do the ribbing on the neckline and armholes of course, which I hate and which are fiddly.
And bringing up the rear we have the shame of Bianca. This is from Rowan Magazine 38 and a 4 ply cardigan. I started it over a year ago and have finished the back and a few inches of the left front. Although it's a sweet pattern, the original had beading in the centre of every X which I didn't want (all a bit fussy). And at a tiny gauge with a repeat that requires concentration but isn't very interesting, I find it hard to muster up the enthusiasm to keep plugging at it.

After so many hours work I'm loathe to frog it but I wonder whether it's worth keeping it. And now I'm not even convinced I'd wear the damn thing if I did finish it (and it's too small for me to give to someone else). Hmmm. We shall see. If I can find another 4ply pattern I prefer I may do a switch.

So there you have it. Could be worse I suppose, but then there's also a quick cardigan I'm making up to replace a much loved and worn out shop version. Trying to finish all my old bits and pieces before really kicking into the Christmas knitting but the temptations are terrible. I keep seeing things I long to make, but most of them are for me, so I'm just going to have to wait...

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