Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Big River Show

If you've happened to follow the blog link on the right you'll have discovered the escapades of Bill and Max.

These intrepid explorers have been sailing down the Mississippi River for the past couple of months, on a charming pontoon by the name of Evangeline, and posting a video blog each day, much to the delight of those of us needing a little cheering up in our office lunch hours. It's a wonderful glimpse of middle America and an iconic journey following in the footsteps of Huck Finn (though with rather more beer). It's also pretty funny.

They've caught the attention of CNN and some local news networks as they make their way down to New Orleans. And they've met some great characters; from the farmer contemplating his flooded crops, to the musician on the Mark Twain steamboat, to Dennis the cow.

However, now that they've changed course for the last leg of the journey, they're travelling against the current and having to motor their way ahead. So, if you enjoy the show, any donations towards their petrol will be gratefully received and they have a handy PayPal account so no need to try posting them pennies. (Not that I did that. Well, not once I'd weighed the envelope anyway.) Or simply drop them a friendly hello - thebigrivershow@gmail.com

Quite the handmade adventure...

P.S. Having witnessed the enthusiasm of the (female) news presenters for the show, I should perhaps also mention that Bill and Max are 'cute', to use the local parlance, and frequently in a state of undress, just in case that should encourage you to throw them a couple of bucks...

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