Friday, 13 June 2008

Chicks with Guitars

I know, painful cliché. So I’m sorry that I can’t claim to be rewriting history here but what can I say – I like playing the guitar. It’s portable, not too expensive for a beginner, and you really can teach yourself, so what’s not to love? Plus you can strum along to your favourite tunes, taking your shower karaoke to a whole new level as you play out your personal musical fantasies in the privacy of your own home. I just hope you have some thick walls or you won’t be too popular with the neighbours.

Besides, some chicks and their guitars invert the clichéd stereotype and make it their own. Look at Laura Marling – she’s about six, and already sounds world weary and wise beyond her years.
Or Martha Wainwright, with the best song title ever and a nifty line in parental revenge. Or St. Vincent, who manages to rock out with a waltz about the French Revolution.

So whilst the guitar may not be the most original instrument to pick up, there’s no denying it’s pretty versatile. And if you think the guitar is soooo, like, 2002, you could try the Ukulele. Currently enjoying something of a resurgence thanks to some counter-culture folk like these. Although I still can’t quite shake the image of George Formby cleaning his windows.

I've got the luxury of the weekend all to myself, so will definitely be trying to get some practice in. Hope the neighbours don't mind too much...

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