Monday, 8 June 2009

Sweet Enough To Eat

One of my favourite patterns, Wisp, has been drafted into service again as I needed a little wrap for a wedding outfit.  Kidsilk Haze does come in the most fabulous colours, so I've ended up with a Candy Floss scarf:

It's garter stitch and a very simple lace repeat that even I haven't managed to mess up:

I only used one ball, leaving me with the second left over.  I also had four balls of Kidsilk Night in my stash from last year.  So I've taken a fairly generic Rowan pattern in Kidsilk Haze for the basic measurements/maths but am re-fashioning it as a candy-striped jumper:

Loving how it's turning out so far and it should be a very warm but very light sweater to bundle into a bag and throw on of a chilly evening.  A pink and sparkly bumble-bee... 

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Woolly Stuff said...

It turned out beautifully!