Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day Continues

Well, it's a proper Snow Day now, since I got a call telling me not to try and go into work. Feel like a kid playing truant, although I do have some bits and pieces I can do from home.

Since I needed milk and since this kind of weather doesn't come along often, I decided to have a little walk in the snow with my camera.

My neighbours were already out and some serious snowman construction was underway:

And on my street everyone was stumbling on the icy pavement. But walking in the snow was great - rather like walking through a mound of icing sugar - and my feet sank satisfyingly up to the ankles. Of course I was muffled to the eyeballs in a hat, cowl and scarf, with my fingerless gloves enabling a few quick snaps:

This block of flats is handsome in any case but today it's looking particularly charming:

There was hardly any traffic on the streets considering it was rush hour and I feared for some of those tiny little tin buckets, weighed down with snow, creeping along the road at about 5mph. It seems others have had the sense not to try and drive today:

I couldn't believe it but I saw people cycling - or trying to. I just hope they're not looking for any directions:

Others have decided they'd rather not risk skidding across the road in front of a passing salt truck:

I know almost everything looks better in the snow, but St Leonard's is the one to beat today I think:

And after a brief hunt, I found the Dickensian lamp I was looking for:

Time for a hot cuppa...

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