Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Land of Lemon & Honey

This will be brief as I have a nasty cold and am feeling pretty wretched. In fact, I felt so awful yesterday evening that I sat on the sofa and didn't do any knitting. At all.

Today I am in a decongestant-tablet haze and sick to death of lemons. Nevertheless I've been trying to muster some energy to do something constructive, or rather something destructive. The striped project from my last post? I've just ripped most of it back. But fear not, I have a plan (and yes, it's cunning).

The brilliant thing about knitting in the round is that you can do things that are just not possible when knitting side to side, thus I can knit a 3-row stripe in the round. Which means it still has the basic look I'm going for (narrow stripes) but there's a spare row in there to give a little space for a neater jogless stripe and counteract the fabric bunching.

That's the theory anyway, according to my Lemsip-addled mind. But for now I need to go and find some more tissues.

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