Saturday, 1 November 2008

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone's having a good weekend and going to at least one fancy dress party. It's bitterly cold, but there's something great about wrapping up nice and cosy (in handmade woolens, obviously) and hurrying down the street into a warm and slightly steamy party, as everyone stamps the chill off their feet.

Fancy dress parties are generally divided into the ones where you have to have an actual, recognisable costume, and the ones where you can wear anything as long as it's cut low at the top, high at the bottom and made out of the synthetic material of your choice.

Costumes always give the crafty a chance to show off but I confess I've never mastered the art of the great fancy dress outfit. I tend to compromise by rummaging through my wardrobe for something that can be adapted, or pulling out a pair of red tights and some lace gloves from the back of the drawer. Last night I saw an impressive Darth Vader (complete with voice effects box) towing a Princess Leia (since she's technically his daughter, they seem to have developed an alternative and somewhat disturbing ending for the franchise). Fake blood galore of course (now there's an easy costume transformation). Brides, cowboys, werewolves and several witches were also in attendance. Anyone seen anything truly original this weekend? Who deserves special marks for going beyond the call of duty? I'll be keeping an eye out tonight, armed and ready with my camera.


Woolly Stuff said...

I have to confess I'm a Halloween-avoider. Once when I was at uni, I dressed as the anti-me: i.e. instead of my usual (at the time) all black, I wore all white. No-one got it. And that was the most effort i could be bothered with. Snarky, eh?

Hoxton said...

Subversive, I like it. Weirdly, someone told me on Saturday that a friend of theirs was having a fancy dress party where you have to go as your opposite - a 'what you're not' party. They've clearly stolen your idea...